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Types of Trucking

OTR Dispatch Services

Dry Van

We specialize in 53 ft dry van operation, teams or solo. We guarantee rates above the national average if you have a good and reliable driver. Steady linehauls are available for bidding.


The food industry needs reefer because they protect perishables from freezing during the Winter and keep food products cool during the Summer. Reefers are the main type of transportation in the food supply chain. Since lumper service is common in this type of trucking, we make sure the brokers pay the lumper fee.


Whenever possible we try to add an extra partial load on the same route with flatbed trucking. We always make sure to confirm the size and weight and we will take it as long as it’s legal. That’s how we get a dollar per mile ratio way above the national average on flatbed trailers.

Car Hauler

We dispatch anything from one-car hotshots to nine-car stinger trailers. Besides working with transportation brokers, we also have our own sales team to reach out to customers and dealers every day.

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