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Customer Service

Our dispatch and management teams not only have

exceptional experience in logistics and trucking, but

have training in customer service, so we always help

your business with a smile. We know every trucking

company has difficulty finding drivers, so we always

treat drivers with the same respect and care that we

lend to customers and brokers. This industry is built

upon relationships, and we strive to make every

collaboration a positive experience with polite

customer support and understanding.



Every day we continue searching for new customers and developing strong relationships with your existing clientele. This ensures that we help owner operators and motor carriers grow their business, increase their fleet, and get linehauls that are in demand. We even take care of all the stressful and time-consuming tasks like setting up contracts and establishing your presence in the market.


Transportation brokers are very well known for having a window between the lower and higher commission they take. Higher commission will leave less money for the trucking company which means less profit at the end of the year. So how do you make sure you maximize your profits? Professional negotiation, but doing it correctly is a skill that requires lots of practice and experience.

Our job is to bring you the highest commissions with exceptional brokers. We will set up your trucking company as a valuable resource that stands out in the main brokers’ databases. In addition, we will lower the financial impact of new carrier rejections, especially for your first 6 months to a year when you are trying to make a mark with your business and every penny counts.


Any commercial freight or commodity as a full truck load has a value of tens of thousands of dollars, regardless of whether it is palletized, or temperature controlled.  Freight owners are often stressed and concerned about their freight because lost or damaged loads can destroy a business. We can help provide peace of mind with every load with tracking, tracing, and status updates.

We will inform you:

  • At pickup

  • Every morning with tracking

  • At delivery

  • When freight is securely unloaded

  • When proof of delivery is signed by receiver

You have three options when it comes to tracking freight:

  • Antiquated old-fashioned way of calling the driver, which is unreliable

  • Use an ELD Tracking device, which is possible with carriers on our compliance program

  • Utilize a user-friendly driver’s app as part of our broker’s software system

Dispatch Service
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