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Earning money in the trucking industry depends on the

market. Unfortunately, lots of small trucking companies

struggle when the market slows because with low

demand comes low freight payments. However,

establishing good relationships in the industry and

leveraging successful negotiations can help you

maintain substantial revenue year-round, no matter how

slow the market.

Through long-term cooperation with brokers and

shippers, we have developed the best market research

for successful trucking business operations. We work with a team of brokers and other knowledgeable industry professionals to ensure optimal routes, profitable jobs, and effective business strategies…. even for small trucking companies.


Our around-the-clock dispatch services allow your business to run smoothly no matter what. Whereas our competitors are restricted by local hours of operation, our 24/7 dispatching team always keeps you ahead of things.

Our management team not only includes managers with dispatch experience, but we also have dedicated leaders with professional driving experience so that they understand your needs and can make your life easier every step of the way.

Our commitment to your trucking success includes 10 dispatch commandments, rules that our dispatchers follow [VZ1] to help you grow revenue without the stress:

  1. Dispatchers shall pay attention to weather conditions to prevent delays, obstacles, and stress.

  2. A dispatcher will never use Google Maps when they can find superior routes with our professional system

  3. To prevent excessive fuel consumption and vehicle strain, dispatchers will circumvent heavy loads whenever possible

  4. Dispatchers will help drivers navigate major cities and congestion for faster, more profitable deliveries

  5. Dispatchers will assist with directions for stops, repair, and road service always, no matter where drivers are

  6. Dispatchers always bypass tollways whenever possible so that the fees don’t dig into the owner’s profits

  7. Dispatchers always use fast shippers and receivers and steer clear of the extremely slow ones

  8. To ensure good cash flow and timely payments, dispatchers will avoid brokers and customers with poor reputation and low credit scores

  9. Dispatchers will always find the most affordable fuel, so owners and drivers never pay more than expected for trips

  10. A dispatcher will never wake a driver up without an emergency or extreme reason for doing so



Any commercial freight or commodity as a full truck load has a value of tens of thousands of dollars, regardless of whether it is palletized, or temperature controlled.  Freight owners are often stressed and concerned about their freight because lost or damaged loads can destroy a business. We can help provide peace of mind with every load with tracking, tracing, and status updates.

We will inform you:

  • At pickup

  • Every morning with tracking

  • At delivery when proof of delivery is signed by receiver

You have three options when it comes to tracking freight:

  • Antiquated old-fashioned way of calling the driver, which is unreliable

  • Use an ELD Tracking device, which is possible with carriers on our compliance program

  • Utilize a user-friendly driver’s app as part of our broker’s software system

Dispatch Service
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