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Our goal is to make sure that our clients have profitable

operations throughout the year. We do this by running

financial analysis once a week that we will share with

you, so you stay up to date on your revenue and profits.

Once a week we’ll send you gross and net revenue per

truck and driver including ratio per mile. This will help

you manage a profitable business without doing all the

heavy lifting and financial research.



Immediately after receiving POD from your driver, we will

take care of all invoices to customers and brokers or your factoring company. Billing drivers for occupational accident insurance or owner operators for trailer and insurance is our job as well so we make the entire process easy for you.



Weekly or biweekly driver pay will be calculated and statements sent to drivers. We can help you with setting up a direct deposit, which is the preferred method of payment instead of cutting checks to your drivers. This keeps your business finances smooth and well-managed all year long.



We can maintain QuickBooks Online for a flat fee. This bookkeeping software will give you a better picture of your financial status and help successfully manage your company without stressful tax work or expensive accountancy fees.



Nowadays one of the most challenging tasks in the trucking industry is finding a good driver. We have a team of recruiters that successfully fill up fleets of many nationwide carriers. We have thousands of qualified CDL drivers in our database so we can ensure you never struggle to find good drivers for every load, every route, and every truck in your fleet.

Accounting Services for Small Carriers
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