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Why Choose
AMCAN International?

Lower Payroll Expenses with Less Employees

Payroll expenses can be very high, especially for small businesses. Plus, your employee salaries usually don’t depend on your company profit, which means that even when there are lower-than-normal profits, you still must pay your employees. On the other hand, cutting salaries or firing employees can be detrimental to your reputation and can even trigger other employees to quit. It puts you in a bind.

Outsourcing is commission based which means the payments fluctuate with your profits, so you are never spending money you don’t have. Plus, we take care of everything from back-office support to dispatch services and more.

Less Stress with Management Assistance  

Managing employees and operations is often difficult, always stressful, and sometimes time-consuming.  In the trucking industry, it’s challenging to get the right people to work for you and it takes time to get them trained. After a few years they may become a valuable asset with access to your database. When they become good, competitors want to buy them out by negotiating higher pay or simply leaving with two weeks’ notice.  

When you use an outsourcing company like Amcan, you are the customer. Customer satisfaction is one of our primary goals, so your dedicated account representative will report to you and your needs, so you can grow your trucking business without so much stress.

Save on Office Equipment and Rent

As soon as you decide to level up and move from the home office to a commercial office space your business expenses will drastically increase. You must sign the lease agreement and pay a hefty security deposit that you most likely won’t get back at the end of your lease. Office furniture, networking computers, internet access, utility costs, business licenses, and other upfront payments will dig into your profits as you start running your trucking business.

By using an outsourcing company, you don’t have to pay any of these expenses, and you can still manage our employees as if they were your own. That means you can manage your trucking business according to your business model from your home office.

More opportunities

When running your trucking business with your own employees, you are limited to your own source of information. That means you are limited with which load board to work with, customer options, potential brokers, trailer leases, ELD, fuel card, and factoring services to ensure cashflow.

Since we work with multiple trucking companies, we provide more resources like preferred brokers who pay more, steady lanes for drivers, and new fuel cards for cost savings. In addition, outsourcing may give you access to cheap trailer leases or lower commission for a reputable factoring company. Finally, we provide financial performance reports to show the value of our services.

Focus on Your Best Skills

There are many reasons why you should focus on what you excel at. For those of you who are owner operators, you can continue driving and bringing home additional income. Or you can manage the growth of your company from the driver seat. For the small size carriers outsourcing opens room to focus on sales or recruiting, while medium size carriers can outsource extra work during the busy season. Instead of hiring and training new employees, you can develop sales and operational strategies to boost growth.

Outsource your workforce and save your time and money while focusing on growing your trucking business in the way you know how. No contracts. No risk.

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