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As an independent contractor dispatcher, you would need to build and maintain your own network of owner-operators who are willing to be dispatched by you. This role requires you to actively recruit, attract, and retain owner-operators, ensuring they are satisfied with the dispatch services you provide. Your responsibilities would include:

  1. Recruitment: Actively using social media, hiring platforms, and other methods to find and attract new owner-operators.

  2. Retention: Ensuring that existing owner-operators are satisfied and continuing to work with you by providing excellent service and maintaining strong relationships.

  3. Dispatching: Assigning loads to your owner-operators, monitoring their performance, and ensuring efficient operations.

  4. Communication: Regularly updating your owner-operators on load details, ETAs, and any issues that arise.

Building a solid network of reliable owner-operators is crucial to your success in this role, as your income and growth potential are directly tied to the number and quality of drivers you manage.

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